Creation Guy Finds Comet

On Tuesday March 12, the comet known officially as comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS), stood almost directly above the western horizon, less than 5 degrees to the left of a very narrow crescent moon as seen in this picture.

The Comet Pan-STARRS may be a challenge to spot in the evening sky, but it still dazzled stargazer Larry Dye the Creation Guy when it paired up with the moon Tuesday (March 12).

Comet Pan-Starrs is currently appearing low on the western horizon just after sunset, making it hard to pick out in the bright evening twilight for some observers. But on Tuesday evening, March 12, a slender crescent moon served as a celestial guide for Larry with clear, dark skies.

Just north of Medicine Hat Larry using his 15 X 70 Celestron binoculars and the crescent moon he was amazed at the sight of Comet Pan-STARRS and the moon shining side by side.