Annual Spring Star A Success

The Creation Discovery Centre's annual Spring Star Party held on May 18 was a huge success.

Over 60 people from Bow Island, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat came to participate.

Kids were delighted with the varous 'Astronaut Training' activities including special training to dock and operate the International Space Station.

Larry Dye the Creation Guy delighted the audience with a review of astronaut Chris Hadfield's recent stay on the ISS. He spoke on how Hadfield captivated his audience with his various Tweets and Facebook page updates and his "Control to Major Tom" song at the conclusion of his 5 month stay orbiting the Earth.

Larry rounded off his presentation by speaking of other captivated T.V. broadcasts from space including the Genesis reading from the Apollo 8 astronauts as they orbited the moon on Christmas Eve in 1968.

At the beginning of the Star Party the weather was overcast but at the last minute the Lord open the heavens just in time for eager children and adults to see the craters of the moon and the rings of Saturn.