Star Party with Mars theme

On May 3, 2014 the Creation Discovery Centre had its annual Spring Star Party. This year’s theme was ‘Mars’ since the red planet is prominent in the night sky.

Visitors had a chance to operate simulators like the ‘Mars Rover Rock Blaster’ and fly a ‘Mars Lander’ into one of the planets massive craters.

This year’s presenter, Larry Dye the Creation Guy, spoke on the subject ‘Mars the Alien Planet?’.  Larry took us back over 100 years ago when astronomer Percival Lowell deduced the possibility of intelligent life on Mars.  

Through his telescope, Lowell thought he observed linear channels (man-made water canals?) flowing from polar ice caps and dark green areas (lush forest and shrubs?) growing on the planet’s surface. He came to the conclusion that this was the obvious work of a Martian civilization.

Today, we know Mars polar ice caps are concentrations of carbon dioxide, not water. The dark green areas are grey rock – looking green because of their contrast with the bright orange dust. The evaporation of the polar ice caps blows dust off the dark rocks giving the illusion that the dark areas are ‘growing’ green.

Dye concluded that Mars teaches us a lesson in humility – sometimes so called evidence can draw us to the wrong conclusions. He also reminded us that scripture clearly teaches that man is the crescendo of God’s creation and has placed him here on earth; a special place in the entire universe. Therefore the notion of other civilizations on Mars is contrary to biblical revelation.

After the presentation, the Creation Guy fired up his Starry Night Program to show the audience what they would be seeing in the night sky that evening (since it was cloudy). The attendees were amazed as the program zoomed in on the observable planets (Mars included), galaxies and nebula.